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Color Psychology + Connection

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

As a helping professional; human connection is HUGE! If you've worked in any capacity with people for any amount of time, you know building rapport and maintaining it is important. The same goes for those seeking to dive into entrepreneurship and appeal to their target audience in a digital world.

The way you portray your brand online is an entryway to human connection. From the post you share, to the colors you choose; it's all very important.

Color plays a very pivotal role in marketing. It can make or break the first impression, be the difference in conversions, and even convey your brand’s core mission to your audience!

Let's consider the purpose behind Brown Girl Business, and first assess our colors; Turquoise and Gold. These colors represent Feminine Sophistication, Wealth, and Prosperity, which is the ultimate goal of our brand in empowering black and brown change agents through creative business design to build their influence in a digital world, while helping them create resources that enhance the quality of their clients lives.


If you were to assess your brand; would you say it is inviting, warm, organized, empowering, or chaotic and overly aggressive?

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