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How We Help...

  • We help YOU build your vision on a firm foundation with ease and simplicity.

  • We help YOU communicate with your target audience what they can expect by developing your brand identity using color psychology and brand boards.

  • We help you prepare and publish digital or print books/journals/workbooks to grow your brand.

  • We allow you to be a part of the journey EVERY step of the way through virtual and in-person sessions!

  • We teach you to successfully maintain your mental and spiritual well-being as entrepreneurs to ensure longevity.

Client Testimonials

Work Desk

Stephanie Brooks
Author of A Survivors Praise

"Working with Candice was more than working with a company, she was able to go take the words of my vision and make them into a tangible product! Candice soft spokeness and ability to redirect me when she knew I had the potential to do better is just what I needed! My finished project has exceeded expectations and I’m looking forward to my next project being in her trusted hands."

Kathy Norton
Author of Where Are You God?

"I so appreciate the excellent, personal attention given to my book. The publisher genuinely shared my enthusiasm for my book. To be quite honest with you she took on role of midwife assisting my babies delivery. From moment I contacted her about my desire she granted me audio and video clearance to her. I am the type of person who loves that contact. She allowed me to participate in picking out effective cover and published my book in timely fashion. You can not make a mistake using her expertise. Already, desiring to use her to publish again. She kept me updated and showed integrity throughout process. I really can not say enough about her business."

Precious Green
Author of Wise Sayings

"Thank you to Candice from brown girl business for executing everything I needed and creating memories for my late father Paul L Baldwin Sr. She made sure she sought out God on how the flow of the book should be ran. I am very grateful and happy with the results. I now officially have a tangible memory of my dad in a poem book! Now others will be able to also experience his memory and the wisdom of God all over the world! Thank you again Candice!"

Tanisha Hall
Author of The Art of Forgiveness

"I loved working with Candice. She's professional and knowledgeable about what she is doing. I'm very grateful to have been blessed to use her services. I cant wait to see the amazing job she will do next."